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Four down, one to go

Meep! Today was ok – it was an exam on our elective modules, and so was stuff I was actually very interested in and therefore found easy to revise. My blog is getting absolutely hammered with spam, so tis time … Continue reading

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Three down, two to go

*cue maniacal laughter* Well. Well well well. He. Luckily I’m well practiced at repressing unpleasant memories.

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Two down, three to go

Well. That was interesting. Just after posting my previous post I had an arguement with a housemate (one who lacks any sense of respect or responsibility to the house she lives in and who thinks that because the rest of … Continue reading

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One down, four to go

Weird thought – I never, ever, ever, need to write a long answer on cows, horses, pigs or sheep ever again O.O I need to know facts on them for Wednesday and Friday, but actually writing about them? Over. Exam … Continue reading

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Productive and non-productive

So – I awoke at 5.30am, played on the computer to wake myself up, worked from 9 ish to 12 ish, then crashed out for 4 hours which made getting up early somewhat pointless. I scared myself last night by … Continue reading

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Oh and another thing…

Ding went to a Foo Fighters concert she didn’t really want to go to, only to be totally shocked when Queen came on to do two songs (WWRY and TYMD)! Yay for Ding and Queen Suprise!

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Gah, blasted hayfever

Not fair 🙁 Drugged up to the eyeballs, surrounded by a sea of tissues and still sneezing. *whinges* *does a little rain dance*

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I got a job!

Yay me! It’s exactly what I was looking for, right down to what they specialise in, which is very eerie, and it’s even in my home county! AND I get my own flat! One downside is that nice housemate will … Continue reading

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Ding's Birthday messages to me

Included here as I’m making some space on my phone 😉 21-Sept-2004 00:02:46 happy birthday 2u, watch j isaacs & swoon, drink tea til cup empty happy birthday2u!! 21-Sept-2005 10:20:51 Happy birthday 2u, sing queen proudly in tune, drink hock … Continue reading

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Another for my "to buy" list…

Spore, and if you have time, more spore, and even more spore. So coool…

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