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Science without religion is lame, religion without science is blind

I’ve been reading a book. Sort of. The book in question is an app, which causes the lines between reading and watching and indeed playing to blur a little, but fundamentally it was a book, and mostly I read it. … Continue reading

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King Edward, 1.6kg from 2 seed potatoes in a bag. Golden Bear F1 onions, from seed, pinch per module, 2.3kg. Good taste, shame the weather was so bad they are mostly picklers. Jacket Potato (~6kg?), and his Nanny.

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Love to the world! (Flowers!)

Mid-season update! The potato bed. Or should I say, the nasturtium bed. The potatoes haven’t really done as well as other people’s have, but I’m used to that now with tatties. They’ll be dug up soon, which I suspect will … Continue reading

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No one told me there would be shiny stickers!!! I have stuck them on my book 😀 So yesterday was good – I got my 1/2 stone award, plus I got Slimmer of the Week (and won the bag of … Continue reading

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