Having a quail of a time!

It’s taken a few years but finally one of my life aims has come true! I own livestock!

Quails – living it up in their hutch

Quails! I have 3 girls and 1 boy. They’ve been here about 2 weeks now, and moved outside on Friday. They are settling in famously, and today marked an important event…

First Meal!

First full quail egg dish! Took 9 eggs but no chicken eggs required to have enough for breakfast!

Egg quality is improving – someone is laying nice orange yolkers and I haven’t had an error egg for about a week now they are on layers pellets instead of chick crumb.

No yolking… these shells had egg inside.


No names yet, though the brown one gets called Brownie, the boy is The Boy, and the other two get called the Twins.

Quails – poor Brownie, often on the outskirts

The boy is in the far corner.

And I clipped their wings! Thank heavens for YouTube. They aren’t big flyers but the hutch isn’t ideal in that the main access is through the hinged roof, and I don’t fancy chasing flying quails around the garden on cleaning day. I had to buy the hutch in a bit of a rush as they were in the house in a guinea pig cage but they attracted flies. They will be upgraded at some point.

Also – with 3 girls and a boy I can breed them… O.O

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