Day of Productivity

Today I have done 4 loads of washing, cleaned the hob, including removing the knobs to clean behind them, and pulled the cooker out to clean under and behind it (which was horrific, I think the first time it’s been done in 15+ years), ordered woodchip for the garden to complete the killing of the lawn, been shopping, picked up some more tiles so I can think more about tiles for the kitchen, am partially through defrosting the freezer so I may get to two drawers of food which have frozen shut, and cleaned and polished the suite.

After all that adulting I decided to do a crafting project I’ve been meaning to do for a while – decoupaging (is that a word?) the polystyrene heads that old my fancy dress wigs. I had bought some posh wrapping paper, had PVA glue which I watered down, and a brush which I eventually abandoned for hands.

As this is the first time I’ve ever done this and as I couldn’t be bothered to actually research how to do it, I started with the one that only has two papers on it; a black and white bird design similar to adult colouring books, and a coloured bird print that’s more psychedelic.

Gathering the materials

Assistance, whether I wanted it or not

In progress, eventually abandoned brush for hands so no further WIP photos!

Finished article, drying on a jam jar

I think I may need to coat it in PVA afterwards once dry to make it shiny and resilient, but will see what it looks like.

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