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On an egg and a banana

What a lovely weekend eh? Saturday saw me and mum pop out for wool and ski gear and come back with a boot full of shopping, including several plants. We had scone and tea at the garden centre too. Lovely … Continue reading

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Spring Equinox!

Finally the days will be longer than the nights! Yay! Some photos from the weekend. Firstly, my cats are cute. Spock was sleeping in his usual sphynx pose, and Alfie decided that he’d make use of those legs as a … Continue reading

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31 seconds to go…

Ooooo…. I have a new aid. LeechBlock. Blocks sites (specified by you) that leech time. it’s rather cool – allows you to specify what days the block should be active on, whether it should be time limited (block 9-5 for … Continue reading

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Solar flair

I left work today around quarter to five, en route to lovely dinner and Masterchef evening with sibling Ding, and found myself driving west into the sunset. So nice was it that I put down both windows for they entire … Continue reading

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A new camera (Samsung SH100 – supposedly wifi capable but I haven’t yet got it to work :/) and a day planting seeds means lots of photos! I have these 24 cell trays, and am testing out a combination of … Continue reading

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